Stainless FKUK

Serial Number: 525

This knife is based on my FKUK series, but it's a bit different. First, it's one of the few knives I've been doing in stainless steel. I tend to prefer the carbon steels I use for the various purposes - but there is a time and place for a stainless knife. So, here one is. It's my opinion that you'll get a bit better long term edge retention with 15N20 or 1084, but this one will work out dandy, and the convex grind really works well with this steel. Also, the spine and dropped edge guard are fileworked lightly.

Overall Length: 9 7/8 inches
Blade Length: 5.5 inches

Steel: AEB-L steel, 5/64 inches thick with full quench and temper.
Grind: Scandivex

Handle: Black linen micarta with blue spacers. As is my habit with micarta, I finished it and rounded it up like I would any wooden handle, for comfort - and I finish with linseed oil. Handle pins are stainless tubing, allowing fore and aft lanyard mounting.

Sheath: Koyote Girl handmade Expedition. Double needle stitched with two rows of stitching. Also has the adjustable/removable belt hanger for vertical carry.

Price: This knife is SOLD.

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